Premium Housecoal G2

Our bestselling range of Housecoal suitable for use on open fires. Trebles sized   with low ash and a cheery dancing flame perfect for those cosy nights by the fire!
Housecoal is NOT suitable in smokeless zones

Economy Housecoal G3

Excellent quality that provides a long lasting flame and is suitable for all open fires.
Housecoal is NOT suitable in smokeless zones.


Our very own in-house speciality! Using all our expertise and knowhow gained from 40+ years retailing solid fuel we have put together this blended product. Ideal for all appliances It has a very high heat output and also a low ash content, it is a clean slow burning fuel with a comforting flame, yet kind on your pocket too. If you’re looking for real value for your money then look no further than DIRECTCOAL and RoseBlend.

Smokeless Ovals

Smokeless ovals are a Hetas and Defra approved product for use on multi-fuel stoves, open fires and roomheaters.
They have a long burn time with a high heat output and a low ash content. They also burn with a lively flame.


This is a quality Large Manufactured Smokeless Briquette. It provides a long lasting and easily controllable heat source. It also has a high heat output and is suitable to use on both Multi fuel stoves and Open fires.


Homefire combines all the traditional qualities or a real fire, it is slow burning, smokeless fuel and easy to control, and generates a lot of heat and very little ash. It is great to use on your Open Fire and your Multi Fuel stove as it produces less carbon dioxide than coal.

Homefire Ovals

Homefire ovals are a manufactured medium to large sized smokeless briquette suitable for Multi Fuel Stoves and Open Fires. It is a clean burning fuel with a very high heat output and a long burning time. Homefire Ovals lasts up to 40% longer than housecoal and can also generate 30% more heat.


Phurnacite is a hard, compact and slow burning smokeless fuel for Cookers, Multi Fuel Stoves and Roomheaters. The hard clean briquette gives a long lasting consistent controllable heat. It will also burn steadily for up to 18 hours given the right conditions.

Anthracite Beans

This is a smokeless product highly suitable for use in boilers that use Gravity feed systems.

Anthracite Grains

This is a smokeless product highly suitable for use in boilers that use Gravity feed systems.

Anthracite Stovesse

Anthracite is very popular natural smokeless fuel. Anthracite small nuts have a low flame and creates a small amount of ash making it ideal for use in Roomheaters, Cookers and other similar appliances.