How do the Goverment's 2023 changes to burning coal and wet wood affect me?

This is Not the End for Cosy Fires, Log Burners and Mulit Fuel Stoves. Cleaner Alternative Fuels are the Solution to Tackle Air Pollution.

There is no need for people to stop burning solid fuels it is about burning the right products to tackle air pollution. The measures do not mean the end of cosy Open fires, Log and Multi Fuel Stoves

Consumers need to switch to cleaner smokeless fuels which are more efficient than coal. DEFRA research has shown that these fuels burn longer and have a higher heat output so are more cost effective than coal or wet wood.

By switching to smokeless fuels consumers can reduce emissions by 80%. This provides a real alternative so people can continue to enjoy an open fire or use a Mulit Fuel stove with very significantly reduced air quality impact.

Consumers do not have to wait for the ban to kick-in. Smokeless fuels and seasoned Logs are available from ourselves at Direct Coal.

Do you deliver Nationwide?

We deliver to all of the Mainland U.K, Isle of Wight and Isle of Man, delivery charges apply. Deliveries are made using a nationwide distribution company.

What size are the deliveries vehicles?

Deliveries are made using an 18 tonne lorry with a tail lift. (i.e Dustbin lorry size)

How long before my delivery arrives?

Delivery will be within 2 to 5 working days from ordering.

What time will my delivery arrive?

Deliveries are made at any time between 8.00am and 6.00pm.

Why should I buy from an Approved Coal Merchant?

All Approved Coal Merchants have to follow a consumer charter and follow the coal trade code. We adhere to the following Rules:

- Supply good quality coal and smokeless fuels correctly described

- Ensure that packed fuels are marked with the maximum information

- Ensure that employees have a basic knowledge of the retail coal trade

- Supply suitable fuels for particular appliances.

What is the best fuel my appliance?

This will depend on many different factors such as the appliance that you are burning it on and the amount of draught you get from your chimney. If you need any advice please do not hesitate to call us and we will be happy to help.