Looking for a great value product then look no further than our very own Roseblend. With a high heat output and low ash content makes Roseblend a very popular choice in many households up and down the country. Roseblend is ideal to use on all appliances including Multi-Fuel Stoves and Open Fires. Suitable For Smoke Controlled Areas. Hetas and Defra Approved product.

Smokeless Ovoids
Smokeless Ovoids are a Hetas and Defra approved Medium sized briquette. They have a long burn time and high heat output. This fuel is also approved for use in smoke controlled areas. It is a premium product suitable to burn on all appliances including Multi-Fuel Stoves, Open Fires and Roomheaters.

Supertherm is a premium large manufactured briquette, it has a high heat output and is suitable to use on both Multi-Fuel Stoves Roomheaters and Open Fires. With its attractive flame and long lasting heat makes Supertherm a popular choice. Supertherm also produces 80% less smoke and 20% less CO2 than normal housecoal. Hetas And Defra Approved Smokeless Fuel.

Homefire Ovals
Homefire ovals are a premium smokeless fuel designed to be used in multi fuel stoves and open files. They provide a slow burn with an excellent heat output. Homefire Ovals are a Hetas approved fuel suitable to burn in smoke controlled areas.

Homefire is a premium smokeless fuel suitable to burn in multi-fuel stoves and open fires. It has a high heat output and burns with an attractive flame and has minimal ash content. Homefire is a Hetas approved fuel.

Phurnacite is a premium smokeless fuel suitable to burn on cookers, roomheaters and multi-fuel stoves providing you with a long lasting controllable high heat. Phurnacite is an Hetas approved fuel.

Anthracite Stovesse
Antrhacite Stovesse is a natural smokeless fuel mined in Wales, prodimantly small nuts. It has a low flame which creates a small amount of ash making it ideal for use in room heaters, cookes and similar appliances.

Anthracite Grains/Beans
Anthracite smokeless product which is recomended for gravity fed boilers.